Cindy and Jim's Wedding Day.

I am very excited to share pictures of Cindy and Jim's wedding. It was a big day for these two. I was super happy for them. They have put so much effort into wedding preparation; everything was nicely scheduled and planned. It was impossible for something to go wrong... well, maybe except for the weather. After few rainy weeks and big storms over Blue Springs, everyone was hoping for a good weather. Luckily, everything worked out great, there was no sign of rain on the wedding day. Sky was clear and the temperature was just right. Why would that be so important? Well... because Cindy and Jim were getting married outdoors, in their beautiful garden in front of the water feature which they have crafted all by themselves! Their backyard looked amazing - good job guys! 

Water feature Cindy and Jim have build all by themselves!

 Look at these two, they were looking absolutely stunning!

Cindy made a beautiful bride, so graceful!   

I am so happy I was able to catch these magical moments between them. 

Cindy did a great job on her wedding color scheme.

My favorite wedding rings shot. 

Congratulations Cindy & Jim! I wish you a wonderful life together.